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Henson's Backpacking in the Forest de Compiègne, pony baptism, horse racing... Discover the leisure activities around the horse...

  Guided horseback riding


Accessible to beginners or experienced riders, these horseback rides take place in one of the most famous French royal forests: the national forest. de Compiègne.

Henson Horse Ride

Go for a ride on the back of Henson, a small horse from the Bay of Somme that is both robust and docile. Live itHenson experience, time for a 2-hour discovery walk or a passionate ride! This horseback ride allows you to survey the paths and reliefs of one of the most beautiful state forests in France.


Shetland pony ride

South de Compiègne, Bruyères Carousel in La Croix Saint-Ouen organizes horse or pony rides from one hour to the full day. Younger children will be able to ride a Shetland pony. This tiny pony from Scotland remains children's favorite pony

Guillaume Each - Resonance Films
Guillaume Each - Resonance Films
Guillaume Each - Resonance Films

 Discovery of the equestrian world


Do you want to introduce your children to horse riding? Pony baptism, introduction to horse riding or equitherapy are available all year round.


The Orangery of the Grandes Ecuries du Roy (former national stud farms)

Enjoy a horseback riding session Orangerie pony club for children aged 2 to 6 years. Without commitment to the club, individual sessions are offered for a first contact with the pony under the responsibility of a team of qualified professionals.

Within the Orangery of the Grandes Ecuries du Roy of the Compiégnois equestrian center there is also a educational farm. Alongside the ponies, we discover chickens, goats, pigs, rabbits, sheep and even donkeys! You can also opt to hire a pony for a 30-minute ride under the responsibility of the parents.


Bouriquette Farm

In Jonquières, the Bouriquette farm awaits you for a pony ride in a small horse riding arena designed for toddlers. Here, around ten horses and thirty ponies live on the farm, surrounded by goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows and llamas... Visiting the “discovery farm” allows you to feed the animals by hand for the older ones. happiness of the little ones.


Equitherapy and adapted horse riding

Come and discover the horse and participate in its care at the Equi'lien Equestrian Center. For people in vulnerable situations, horse therapy sessions promote the development of the handicapped person or the person in difficulty of adaptation.

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 See a horse race


Created at the end of the 19th century, the Hippodrome du Putois in Compiègne is located in the perspective of the Imperial Palace, at the end of the Big park. Flat, obstacle and trotting horse races are regularly organized there with a season that runs from March to November. The most prestigious event remains the Grand Steeplechase de Compiègne which is held at the end of October each year.

The racecourse de Compiègne has several stands for spectators, as well as restaurants and bars to eat and drink during the races. If you have never attended a horse race, you will be able to obtain all the information to follow and understand the races at the entrance to the racecourse.

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