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Treasure hunts and escape games

Want to discover the destination differently, while having fun? Let yourself be seduced by a life-size game to experience with friends or family. Escape game in Pierrefonds, treasure hunt in Compiègne or roaming the area: go on an adventure! 

An Escape Game in Pierrefonds 


At the foot of the Pierrefonds castle, discover “ The Secrets of Pierrefonds », a museum of art and local history nestled in Guillaume's house. The guide, recognizable by his top hat and bow tie, offers guided tours of the village as well as an Escape Game “The Grail Investigation”.  
To follow this treasure hunt, you are guided through the streets of Pierrefonds using an adventure notebook. You must solve a series of puzzles before returning to the museum to complete each quest. Will you succeed in opening the different hiding places that contain Merlin's secrets? 

Guillaume Everyone_Resonance Films

A treasure hunt in Compiègne 


Transform your smartphone into a time machine and take part in a treasure hunt in the historic center de Compiègne. To play, collect the booklet “ The forgotten treasure » on sale atOffice de Tourisme. This travel journal remains essential for noting down your findings and progressing in the quest. 
Once you have the elements in hand, head out into the streets of old Compiègne to investigate. Observe the stones carefully: they will reveal their secrets about the history of the city. The adventure will take you through the centuries from the time of Joan of Arc to Napoleon! Thanks to your smartphone, you will be able to discover 3-dimensional reconstructions and interact with witnesses or suspects... So ready for the adventure? 

Get to know Compiègne! 


A new multimedia space located within the Antoine Vivenel Museum was designed as the discovery trailer for the Compiègne-Pierrefonds destination. The projection of a film and 9 interactive stations showcase the emblematic sites of the region. You will be immersed in History thanks to fun and innovative multimedia devices. At the end of this approximately one-hour experience, leave with a fun and educational exploration notebook. It's time to go discover the treasures of the destination such as the Gallo-Roman site of Champlieu, the Saint-Corneille cloister, the town hall de Compiègne, the castles de Compiègne and Pierrefonds, the Eugénie pavilion… 

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A geocaching tour by bike 


By following EuroVélo 3, discover the Aisne and the Oise through an incredible treasure hunt: the crazy adventures of Louison Pignon ! In Compiègne, a 2 km route through town will immerse you in history with the mission “Trouble among the sleepers”. To play, download the official “Louison Pignon” game application for free on your smartphone and let yourself be guided! 
An interactive story will take you on a journey through the ages. Travel through history and help Louison capture the Chamboul'temps! At each stage, puzzles are posed to you. You will be rewarded for your efforts by winning a collector's badge in the colors of adventure! And if you're into the game, continue your quest with the three other courses from 18 km to 43 km. 

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