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Over the clouds


Our destination is highly appreciated, especially for the variety and beauty of its landscapes. We appreciate them greatly when we travel, on foot, by bike or even on horseback, along its hiking trails, but wouldn't it be time to appreciate it from a little higher?


There are many. What if we told you that, for an hour, you have the opportunity to make your dream come true... Take to the skies and enjoy the villages passing by under your feet thanks to the hot air balloon flights offered by the Oise Montgolfière association!

Oise Hot Air Balloon
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Oise Hot Air Balloon
Why does the flight in a hot air balloon give this feeling of superpower you would say to me, when you can also fly with the plane?

And we answer you, nothing to do! Flying in a hot air balloon is like being suspended in time... You don't feel dizzy or windy... You simply appreciate the height you take. A unique experience, which allows us to connect with nature, but, unlike the earth, it is with the sky that we refocus. A gentle experience, allowing us to move away from the earth little by little and see the landscapes pass before us...

We observe the fauna, with our magnificent forests, or the many agricultural fields that cover our destination, thus resembling a hanging garden. We can also see the fauna and appreciate the architecture of our region. It is also an opportunity for you to discover the Château de Pierrefonds from a completely different point of view. An unforgettable experience accompanied by a passionate person, who will give you anecdotes, historical or technical, about hot air balloons. These, as well as our region, will have no more secrets for you!

Dictated by the winds, as well as by the expertise of your pilot, the balloon will make you discover our every nook and cranny. A moment, what am I saying, an adventure where you choose not to have control... At least, over your means of transport! It's up to you to turn in the gondola and enjoy this 360° landscape that awaits you. Armed with your camera, make memories in the clouds, which will remain engraved forever!

Calm and serenity will accompany you throughout the flight. So, are we flying?


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