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Forests de Compiègne
What if we offered you to meet Joan of Arc, Empress Eugénie or even Mesrine?

Come and meet the illustrious characters who made the reputation de Compiègne during a theatrical walk on the initiative of theOffice de Tourisme de Compiègne. An immersive experience full of charm and humor!


The historical truth might not be the one we believe... What if the Great History hid many others? This is the starting point of this creation of theTheatrical Act, theAssociation The edge of the water as well as La Cahute company, in partnership withOffice de Tourisme de Compiègne.

The scenario was validated by David Chanterane journalist and art historian. A graduate of the University of Paris-Sorbonne, administrator of the Institut Napoléon, he is editor-in-chief of the magazine Napoleon 1st – Review of Napoleonic Souvenirs. David Chanteranne is also known to viewers for his many shows including Secrets of history ou Let yourself be guided with Stéphane Bern.




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Live Drama
Imperial guided tourCOMPIEGNE
Live Drama
Imperial guided tour


The scenario of this unique guided tour was co-financed by the European Experience project (completed in 2023) which aimed to extend the tourist season from October to March to attract new visitors to the region.

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