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Local specialties to savor

    From confectionery to traditional cakes and local craft beers, let yourself be tempted by the gourmet specialties of the Compiègne-Pierrefonds destination. Between Picantins and Machicoulis, discerning palates and lovers of regional treats will be delighted.

     Must-have treats


    If you like delicacies and even more so when they are produced locally, you will find it difficult to resist the temptation to taste Picantins or Machicoulis.

    The Picantins de Compiègne

    Created in the 20s, “les Picantins de Compiègne is an essential confectionery in the city. Made up of three roasted hazelnuts coated in nougatine, they are dipped in dark chocolate flakes. These hazelnuts represent the three picantins, these characters who "sting time" on the bells of the belfry of the town hall.

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    Le Machicoulis, the confectionery of Pierrefonds

    Brought up to date by the pastry shop housed at the foot of the Château de Pierrefonds, this small square of soft caramel with salted butter from Normandy, coated with toasted almonds, has been around since 1926. Its name refers to the stone galleries located at the top of the walls of fortified castles which made it possible to drop projectiles on the enemy.

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    Exceptional chocolates

    About the destination de Compiègne-Pierrefonds, you will of course find other exceptional delicacies and artisanal confectionery such as Beussent-Lachelle chocolates or the tasty Chat'mallows marshmallows and other vegan chocolates from Praline Stopover.

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     Traditional cakes de Compiègne-Pierrefonds

    These cake recipes are part of the region's culinary heritage. Take advantage of your stay to enjoy a piece of cake de Compiègne and cake from Pierrefonds. And tell us, which one won you over? Both, no doubt!

    The cake de Compiègne

    Created for the wedding of Napoleon 1st and Marie-Louise of Austria, the great cook Lent invents this new pastry for the occasion. The cake de Compiègne is composed of a leavened dough, which after baking is sprinkled with sugar and glazed in the oven. Add slices of roasted pineapple and candied fruit.

    The Pierrefonds cake

    Created at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the Pierrefonds cake was an essential pastry during the heyday of hydrotherapy in Pierrefonds-les-Bains. Its creator, Alfred Chartier, who owned a hotel-inn near the castle, already had a sense of tourist marketing! Nowadays, this almond cake still seems to be much appreciated by visitors to the château.

    Turning Stone Cookies

    It's near a curious stone, at the foot of a century-old tree in the forest de Compiègne what were the characters that inspire these unique biscuits born from: a whimsical giraffe, a rough-haired ram or a reckless squirrel… Discover the legendary spinning stone cookies in the Couloisy shop.


    The turning stone
    The turning stone
    The turning stone

     Local craft drinks


    Four ranges of craft beers are brewed at the destination de Compiègne-Pierrefonds. There is also an unusual production of sparkling wine made from rhubarb juice.


    The voluptuousness of rhubarb

    This original drink is made from sticks of different varieties of rhubarb. Slightly sparkling, the rhubarb pleasure with a slightly tangy taste, it can be tasted well chilled both as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to a dessert.

    Cervus, a beer with character

    Cervus is a range of six artisanal beers, labeled organic with distinct characters and unique flavors. It is brewed in Autrèches by the Brasserie l'Écol' aux Mousses. The brewery also offers brewing workshops where you can brew 20 liters of a unique beer yourself with a selection of ingredients to your liking.

    Saint-Médard, the eco-responsible beer

    In Compiègne, the Brewery Saint-Medard wants to be a craft and solidarity brewery by distributing craft beers in returnable bottles. It produces a range of five specialty beers available on free delivery in the metropolitan area de Compiègne.

    La Courtoise, beer with cheese!

    It's in the La Courtoise family brewery à Néry that you can find the range of La Courtoise beers. Among these, the white beer La Légère is brewed from regional ingredients. Farmhouse cheeses matured in Triple beer are also available.

    Organic beers from the Petite Brasserie Picarde

    Discover multi-award-winning organic and characterful craft beers from the Small Picardy Brewery. Pascal, an inexhaustible Picard in his region, brews seven different beers, as natural as they are tasty, to which are added seasonal or special brews. You can taste it on site in an old farmhouse with traditional architecture.

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