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Get some fresh air in the forest

  • Fall-Winter
  • On sunny days
  • In nature
  • Wellness

Surrounded by lush forest, the Compiègne-Pierrefonds destination offers one of the most pleasant natural settings, whatever the season.. We will appreciate the green leaves during the summer, the golden landscape it offers us in autumn, the winter mist without forgetting the flowering of spring. It is a territory where it is good to get some fresh air, connect with nature, walk there (on foot, by bike, on horseback) or look for mushrooms...

The forest is therefore a place where you can rest, get active, share a friendly moment with family or friends, as well as discover charming villages.

Etienne Marine

Perched in the trees...

There is a magical place, in the heart of the forest, located opposite the Étangs de Saint-Pierre, which will allow you to enjoy a moment of conviviality with your loved ones. Combining adventure and nature, discover the Grimp à l'arb, a site comprising several acrobatic courses in the trees, which appeals to both children and adults.

Discover tree climbing

Richard Dugovic - RCAF

Or, embrace them!

If it's not thrills you're looking for, but more tranquility, sylvotherapy is for you. This practice allows you to disconnect from the daily routine of your rhythmic life. The objective of this meditation is to feel the energy released by the nature that surrounds you, but also to discover your connection to the trees.

Discover Sylvotherapy

Xavier Renoux - Oise Tourism

Moreover, did you know that our forest has many remarkable trees, in particular the Gros Chêne de Saint-Jean? It is estimated that it was planted around 750 - 800 years ago, during the reign of Saint Louis. It is one of the two oldest forest trees in France, with a circumference of more than 8 meters.

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