Melaine Bouyer / Friends of the Petites Bouilles

Little Bouilles Festival

2023 edition: June 17 & 18

Project born from the friends of the Petits Bouilles, discover the history, the objectives and the values ​​that this association wishes to transmit. Representing a highlight during the summer season, the Festival des Petites Bouilles is an ideal setting to share a moment with the family. 


Who are they ? 

The project was born in Pierrefonds, a village widely known in the region for the beauty of its medieval-looking castle, renovated by the architect Viollet-le-Duc. Surrounded by lush forest, the second national forest in France, it is in this idyllic setting that the idea of ​​developing a festival came about allowing local associations, artists and craftsmen to meet around cultural events, thus enriching our heritage. This project also makes it possible to highlight Pierrefonds in all its dimensions: historical, cultural and human.

Melaine Bouyer / Friends of the Petites Bouilles

What are their goals ?

Other than developing a cultural project in rural areas for children, as well as for their families, the Amis des Petites Bouilles offer quality cultural programming combining discovery and diversity, through live shows and a fun space for discoveries. It is also the perfect opportunity to highlight the associations of the municipality, those of the community of municipalities of Lisières de l'Oise, as well as our region who work for local life, around a unifying project. The association also wishes to include this annual event in an "eco-citizen" approach, by offering awareness-raising and activities, whether through the protection of our ecosystems or the consideration of all the components of our social environment.

The Festival des Petites Bouilles thus makes it possible to include in our agenda, an annual meeting, on the territory in connection with the school circles, by transforming a space known to children - the old station of the village of Pierrefonds - the time of 'a weekend.

The association of friends of Petites Bouilles thus has the ambition to bring a feeling of belonging to the territory, the feeling of forming a society together by enriching and helping each other. 

Melaine Bouyer / Friends of the Petites Bouilles
Éric Lambre / Friends of the Petites Bouilles
Melaine Bouyer / Friends of the Petites Bouilles
Melaine Bouyer / Friends of the Petites Bouilles
Having a taste of the association is good, but discovering the program is better!

A full day

Although there are many objectives behind the creation of this Festival, the main purpose is to organize a day for children, being able to share their moments of happiness with the rest of the family. With a program that is rich and rewarding! Shows, storytelling, circus, a parent-powered merry-go-round, workshops, a reading tent and even an equestrian dressage act... What does the association have in store for you in 2023?

- Saturday June 17, 2023, we open the festivities at the old Pierrefonds station, with game sequences in all these forms, a wacky show by Barto, a contortionist clown, and a ball for young and old, led by the Brigade Circus !

- Sunday June 18, 2023, discover an entertainment village with creative workshops for all tastes, and outdoor shows throughout the day, with companies such as La roulotte ruche or À pas contés... A weekend end of surprises and good moods! That same day, a gastronomic market will be organized by the Pierrefonds Festival Committee, thus combining the pleasure of culture with that of food!

So, any dates to remember? 


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