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Pierrefonds Guinguette - August 2023

2023 edition: August 26 and 27, 2023.


Each year the association The Enclosure organizes guinguettes on the shores of Lake Pierrefonds. Under the beautiful sunny days, enjoy the time of a weekend of this parenthesis to relax, play with family or friends, and appreciate the artists present.  

The Enclosure Association


A group of friends, most of whom grew up in the village of Pierrefonds, l'Enceinte is a cultural association that wishes to participate in the dynamism of the region, generally under the sign of good understanding, and music! Each year, to appreciate the summer as it should, they organize several guinguettes. Getting together, regardless of our age, regardless of our origin, is the goal, as long as it is fun. The objective is to develop accessibility to culture in our region, with the ultimate mission of setting up a music festival in our village.   


 Petrifontain at heart, I think my village deserves to be known across borders.

Philip Toledano, President of the association.



This year is no exception to the rule, and the next edition of the Guinguette will indeed take place. Meet as every year on the shores of Lake Pierrefonds, for two afternoons to the rhythm of various and varied concerts! 


Carte blanche to La Grande Party!

De 14:00 am à 17:00 am : we start the festivities with TNTM,

De 17:00 am à 18:00 am : we continue with Famonty,

De 18:30 am à 19:30 am : AA SARL will perform,

De 20:00 am à 21:00 am : it will be the turn of Chat Perché!

And of 21:00 am à 23:00 am : we will end the evening with DJ Toon'.


De 15:00 am à 17:00 am : we will start the day with TNTM,

De 17:00 am à 18:00 am : Alcôve will take over,

De 18:00 am à 19:00 am : the Petrifontain duo Palnik and Lewa will take the stage,

De 19:00 am à 21:00 am, DJ Toon will close the last guinguette of summer 2023!


The Enclosure is closing summer 2023 but...

See you in 2024!

The Enclosure Association
The Enclosure Association

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