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Discover the destination differently thanks to our thematic routes! Discover the town of Pierrefonds or become knowledgeable about History de Compiègne... So as not to spoil your pleasure, all our circuits are in an audio-guided version! 

Discover Compiègne from Charles the Bald to Napoleon III

Let yourself be guided through Compiègne and its city center with an exciting audio guide, retracing the history of Compiègne!

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Compiegne Tourism

Discovering the town of Pierrefonds

Not far from the national forest de Compiègne is the village of Pierrefonds. Known for its castle with medieval aspects - founded by Louis d'Orléans and meticulously restored by the architect Viollet-le-Duc - Pierrefonds deserves attention. More than a stop, this place makes you want to come back to enjoy its beauty, its places of interest and the entertainment that the village has to offer. Thus, we invite you to discover the history of our village as you walk along...

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Resonance Films & Digital - Guillaume Each

In the footsteps of Joan of Arc

Retrace point by point the passage of Joan of Arc through Compiègne.

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Compiegne Tourism

At the discovery of Chelles

A stone's throw from the village of Pierrefonds are the communes of Chelles and Saint-Etienne-Roilaye. In this interactive walk, we invite you to discover their history, through the devil-headed modillions of the church of Saint-Etienne and the majestic tower of Chelles, in the shadow of the national forest de Compiègne.

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