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Lyrics Festival - March 2024

Until March 24, 2024

Cultural event majeur of the year 2024, Paroles is a festival centered on the French language: from Valois to Compiégnois, it is organized jointly by three communities, thus bringing the richness of the oral, popular and literary French language.

French language festival,

from Valois to Compiègnois


After a long restoration campaign, the royal castle of Villers-Cotterêts was transformed into the International city of the French language. In this context, three communities wanted to highlight this living heritage that is the French language. The Community of Communes Retz en Valois, the Community of Communes of Edges of the Oise and I'Agglomeration of the Region de Compiègne join forces in an unprecedented way to offer events that will extend the dynamics of the City to their territories!

Diane Moyssan

A popular festival around orality

The ambition is to offer residents around Villers-Cotterêts, Pierrefonds and Compiègne performances, meetings and participatory events around a common good: the French language spoken or sung. A program of comedy shows, songs, or even literary evenings and meetings between authors and actors.

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Julien Wieser
Julien Bourgeois


in the destination Compiègne Pierrefonds


Camus by Enthoven

FRIDAY MARCH 08, AT 20:00 p.m.

Directed by Julie Brochen with Raphaël Enthoven and Bernard Gabay.

In a fervent plea that mixes cinema, music, theater and philosophy, Raphaël Enthoven reveals the paradoxes and the formidable power of Camus's thought, which, when experienced, helps us get through all the winters of existence.

In this real theatrical show, through cultural references that speak to us all, Raphaël Enthoven makes us (re)discover the writer that Camus was.

Whatever our influences, Camus reconciles us with the absurdity of life. “What is a rebellious man? A man who says no. But if he refuses, he does not give up: he is also a man who says yes, from his first movement. » It is this paradox that Raphaël Enthoven questions, fervently mixing free thought, cinema, music, theater and philosophy.

Even more than giving the taste of Albert Camus, Raphaël Enthoven makes tangible in a twirling plea the formidable power of his thought and makes Camus incredibly accessible and everyday.

An exchange with Raphaël Enthoven will be offered at the end of the performance.

 at Pierrefonds Castle.


Contrebrassens in duo with Pauline Dupuy and Michael Wookey

SATURDAY MARCH 09, AT 18:00 p.m.

Double bassist and singer, Pauline Dupuy charms us in this musical proposition. Her clear voice rises to interpret with tenderness, respect and mischief a selection of songs chosen around the theme of women and love... Next to her, Michael Wookey on banjo.

 at Pierrefonds Castle.



Marc Tourneboeuf, the impatient one


Without ever losing its optimism, L'Impatient takes you into the life of a passionate young actor from Paris to Avignon, from France to Asia, via Australia...

The work of language occupies a central place in the process of creating his shows: Assonances follow one another, giving way to puns and alliterations, moving from prose to alexandrines.

 Simone Veil Room, at the Couloisy Sports Complex





Francis Huster reads Prosper Mérimée


Actor, director, director and screenwriter, former member of the Comédie Française, Francis Huster worked alongside the greatest directors in the theater (Jean-Louis Barrault, Jérôme Savary, or Robert Hossein) and was directed in the cinema by Claude Lelouch, Nina Companeez, or even Andrzej Żuławski.

A fine connoisseur of French literature, he will reveal the spirit of Prosper Mérimée in a new light.

 at the castle de Compiègne.

 30€/PERSON. Reservation on www.chateaudecompiegne.fr.


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