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The Forest Festival

2023 edition: from June 21 to July 15

The 31st edition of the Forest Festival will take place from June 21 to July 15, 2023 in 16 remarkable and unusual forest sites de Compiègne and Laigue. His theme, "A bicycle with Schubert!" is inspired by the festival's desire to continue its commitment to ecological transition, while maintaining a program that is both demanding, original, festive and rich in new sensory experiences. Pyrotechnic concerts or symphonic concerts, perched in the trees or on a bicycle, at the Imperial Theater de Compiègne or under the vault of churches, with family or friends...

A one-of-a-kind festival

Bringing together music, nature and heritage, the Festival des Forêts has been renewing the forms of the concert for 30 years and invites the spectator to live new experiences. In 15 beautiful forest sites de Compiègne and Laigue, one hour by car or train from Paris, the variety of its programming brings together very diverse audiences.

An innovative festival, it gives pride of place to creation, bets on multidisciplinarity and invites exceptional musicians to perform in daring stagings.

Unique in its genre, placed under the sign of discovery and originality, the Festival des Forêts weaves unexpected links between nature and art: immersion in nature and the guided discovery of the forest invite the public to approach the works with an unprecedented sensory openness.

Xavier Renoux - Oise Tourism

Formulas, to satisfy all audiences

The programming of the Festival des Forêts is organized into four subsets:


Highlights of the festival, they promise all audiences great musical emotions in exceptional places.

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Music in the forest

The festival has come up with the idea of ​​combining walking in the forest, guided by specialists, with the concert; immersion in nature prepares for listening and renews the viewer's experience.

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Intimate concerts & Festival in the city

In the heart of charming villages or neighborhoods de Compiègne, these concerts are an opportunity to hear internationally renowned artists and to discuss with them in a friendly atmosphere.

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family concert

For young shoots, the festival offers concerts for young audiences and artistic awareness workshops called Les P'tites zoreille for 4-10 year olds.

An immersion in music and nature

The Festival des Forêts offers an immersion in classical music but also in nature during musical hikes in the forest. A unique experience to recharge your batteries!


During the festival, two types of walks are offered:

The pre-concert steps

Accessible to spectators in possession of a ticket for one of the concerts of the day and on registration the day before – Thematic walks guided by an expert: history, nature, ethnobotany, singing.. – Hikes for walkers of 12km on average .

The “Musical Forest Bath”

Lasting 3 hours, separate from the concerts. In Japan, the benefits for body and mind of shinrin yoku (forest bathing) are well known. It takes the form of a 3-hour journey guided by a mediator and a musician.


Xavier Renoux - Oise Tourism
Xavier Renoux - Oise Tourism
Xavier Renoux - Oise Tourism
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