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The Internment and Deportation Memorial


The memorial to the internment and deportation in Compiègne is located in the remains of the Royallieu camp which was one of the most important Nazi transit camps in occupied France. From there 45 prisoners went east to be deported to extermination camps. 

The Royallieu camp

Fight against oblivion...

Located in Compiègne, at the Royallieu camp, this memorial offers visitors a reading of the living reality of History through the history of the place. To better understand these dark years, and to strongly affirm “never again”. Because “the ideas of the executioners thrive in the shadow of oblivion”, as François Ferrieux recalled during the inauguration. 

Barracks built in 1913 for the 54th Infantry Regiment, the Royallieu Camp becomes during the Second World War, the Frontstalag 122, the main German internment camp for the 50 unfortunates of all origins destined for deportation by the Nazi dictatorship.

Not far from the monument, created by the sculptor Muguet, three buildings of the former camp have hosted, since February 2008, the memorial which bears witness, thanks to new audiovisual technologies, to one of the worst tragedies of the XNUMXth century. 

Jean Pierre Gilson

The memorial exhibitions

A modern scenography

From the entrance, the wall of names marks the passage of the 50 detainees in this transit camp set up by the Germans. Between 000 and 1941, they lived through the hell of internment and deportation.

A sober scenography supported by modern techniques underlines the strength and emotion of the testimonies: historical journey in the three preserved barracks, garden of memory, chapel, escape tunnel... 


The daily life of the internees is revealed in its poignant reality: this journey cannot be forgotten. 

Benoit Fougeirol
Internment and Deportation Memorial
Benoit Fougeirol
Benoit Fougeirol

Pratical information

                                                                              Museum of Internment and Deportation                                                                                   2 bis, avenue des Martyrs de la Liberté 60 200 Compiègne

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