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Former Commelin-Brenier fine brush factory

The City of Brossiers

Tracy le Mont

From the brush factory... 

The old brush factory


Founded following the marriage between Raoul Commelin and Louise Brenier, the former brush-making factory is world-renowned and even bears the name of “European capital of French-style fine brush-making”. At the end of the 9th century, Tracy-le-Mont had a total of 2000 factories, specializing in the preparation of pork bristles and bones from slaughterhouses. Many types of brushes were made there: hair, tooth, nail, hat and even household brushes! Important for its manufacture of brushes, the Cité des Brossiers was also important for its number of employees: XNUMX workers, including many women. This former factory also had the particularity of welcoming blind women among its workers.  

The Cité des Brossiers had to face a number of difficulties, in particular a major fire in 1912, which would be responsible for the destruction of the first factory. In order to prevent this problem from happening again, the factory is rebuilt but in several separate buildings. During the First World War, it was stopped and even suffered significant damage. It was rebuilt again in 1923, and activity resumed in 1925. The Commelin-Brenier company closed its doors for good in 1955.  

... At the creation of the Cité des Brossiers 

The creation of the City of Brossiers


However, the history of the Cité des Brossiers continues. In 2016, residents of Tracy-le-Mont bought this industrial site in order to rehabilitate it, and many volunteers got involved to get it back on its feet. Other than reviving this heritage, the Cité des Brossiers has created a heritage, cultural and tourist factory in rural areas, to make this place a friendly place, thus mixing leisure and culture: Brossiers Museum, workshops, concert hall and bistro of country.   

In 2020, the renovation of the dryer (formerly used for wood and bones for the manufacture of brush handles), which was an abandoned building for more than 25 years, was inaugurated. It is destined to become a place of entertainment.  

Gil Giuglio

Today, it is to the public that opens the workshop-museum of brushes, with the possibility of visiting it every first Saturday of the month. You will discover its history through guided tours, and learn more about working life, the Oise brush industry, employers and the importance of women in this industry.  

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