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Urban route

The journey of the deportees

An urban route marked by nails on the ground leads from the Royallieu Camp Memorial to that of the Deportation Wagons at the station de Compiègne. It retraces the route taken on foot by thousands of prisoners towards the Nazi penal colony between 1941 and 1944. 

Urban route in Compiègne 

A walking route between the two Memorials

Discover the urban route of deportees created by the city de Compiègne and the Internment and Deportation Memorial. This route materialized in the city by road nails retraces the route taken on foot by the deportees between the Royallieu camp and the station de Compiègne of 1941 1944 to.

This 3,6 km walking route connects two memorials: the Internment and Deportation Memorial and the Deportation Wagon Memorial at the station de Compiègne. It is marked on the city’s sidewalks by around a hundred bronze nails marked “Parcours des deportés”. Along the route, three totems provide historical insight.

Imagined as an extension of the visit to the Royallieu Camp Memorial, the deportees' route is intended to be an explicit link between the two Memorials, thus creating a memorial support in the city

Jean Pierre Gilson
Benoit Fougeirol

Internment and Deportation Memorial 

A new immersive digital device

Inaugurated in 2023, the “Deportee Route, a European synoptic” offers visitors to the Internment and Deportation Memorial a new immersive video projection device. 

Installed in a room in the barracks where the walls and floor become projection supports, this digital device immerses the visitor in the journey of deportees who passed through the camp de Compiègne to German concentration camps.

This new tool makes it easy to understand the geographical reality of deportation while showing the diversity of the destinies of the internees. Set to develop in the coming years, this system will eventually present all of the journeys of the deportees listed on the Wall of Names.

Jean Pierre Gilson

Deportation Wagon Memorial 

Deportation to Germany 



Located at the station de Compiègne, The Deportation Wagon Memorial reserves a space where two restored wagons have been installed, including one from 1935 of the “40 men, 8 horses” type. Silhouettes and various videos with testimonies from former deportees remind us that the convoys left for the concentration camps and labor kommandos in the East from here.  
The Memorial traces the deportation to Germany by train of 48 prisoners to the “Death camps” from the station de Compiègne during the last world war. Complementary to the Royallieu Memorial de Compiègne, it allows us to understand the path taken by the inmates from the internment camp to the station under the guard of Nazi soldiers as well as their living conditions during the transfer by train.  
Following the urban route of the deportees from the Royallieu camp to the station de Compiègne, the visitor will be able to symbolically relive this tragic episode and try to understand all the suffering endured by these sacrificed prisoners. 

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