Imperial Theater


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This architectural gem, whose construction began in 1867 at the request of Napoleon III in order to entertain the court that accompanied him during his stays in Compiègne, was inaugurated, after a long sleep, in 1991.

Exceptional for its volume, the Imperial Theater is also exceptional for its acoustic qualities. The famous conductor Carlo Maria Giulini considered the hall "as one of the most perfect in the world, more accomplished than that of the Musikverein in Vienna, yet the reference in the matter."

The Theater has been associated with the Espace Jean Legendre since 2009.


From: 01 / 01 / 24 To: 31 / 12 / 24
  • Monday : Open
  • Tuesday : Open
  • Wednesday : Open
  • Thursday : Open
  • Friday : Open
  • On Saturday: Open
  • Sunday: Open


3 Rue Othenin
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