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Biography of Elisabeth Jalaguier

Elisabeth Jalaguier, born in 1890, trained as a nurse at the Red Cross and joined as a military nurse at the dawn of the First World War. She joined Pierrefonds in 1918, the Hôtel des Bains having been transformed into a military hospital.

In 1918 she was hit by a shell during an aerial bombardment and died three months before the Armistice. On May 30, 1919, she was cited in the Order of the Legion of Honor in the rank of Knight by Georges Clémenceau.

History of the monument 

After the bombardment, a white stone is placed at the exact spot where Mademoiselle Jalaguier was killed. 

In 1933 a subscription was launched on the initiative of another nurse nicknamed "Maman Perdon" and Doctor Ferrand, head doctor of the Pierrefonds military hospital in 1918. The honor committee is chaired by the President of the Republic. , Mr. Albert Lebrun. 

On June 5, 1955 a monument was erected at the place of the white stone. The National Union of Combatants sold the monument to the city in 1996. Restored, it was inaugurated on October 12 of the same year. The bronze statue was made from a plaster project by Maxime Real del Sarte.  

There are only three monuments in France which are dedicated to nurses, the second being in Reims and the third in Berck-sur-Mer.


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