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Mound and Memorial Garden of Butte des Zouaves


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The national memorial garden of the Butte des Zouaves pays tribute to the combatants of the Great War. The corps of zouaves is a component of the army of Africa composed mainly of metropolitan. This place of memory is adjacent to the historic site of the Butte des Zouaves. In December 1914, it was the epicenter of the fighting in Bois Saint-Mard where more than 250 Zouave soldiers were reported missing. The Butte des Zouaves is the last vestige of the multiple funnels, scars of the mining war that raged in this "calm" sector. This place, on March 6 of each year, the Union of the Zouaves organizes an anniversary ceremony of the creation of this corps, now extinct, of the French army.


Rural road N°11
of the red house in Puisaleine
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