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It was in 1358 during the 100 Years War (which actually lasted 116 years: from 1337 to 1453) that after burning the palace and the church of Verberie, the English and the Navarrese moved on the castle of Béthisy in the hope of taking it.

The fighting largely destroyed the castle, but the garrison resisted and made a triumphant sortie during which they were able to massacre a good number of their besiegers.

The victory took place there, the Cave of the English, now called the Cave of the Cows.

Today, The cave of the cows is a calcareous lawn. Of limited surface, it nevertheless hosts a natural heritage that has become very rare in the Oise and in the Picardy region in general. The remarkable flora present on this natural site is particularly rich with in particular the Armérie des sables, the humble sedge or the colored Séséli.

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