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What to do in the forest de Compiègne ?

Escape to the third largest forest in France which stretches between Compiègne and Pierrefonds. Whether you simply want to walk and get oxygen, play sports and surpass yourself or simply share a fun time with your family, the forest de Compiègne offers an exceptional space for play and relaxation.

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 Walk and oxygenate

Take advantage of the many hiking trails to walk in the forest de Compiègne. The marked paths that crisscross the 3rd national forest of France lead to various mountains and remarkable sites that culminate at more than 130 meters:

· Mont Saint-Pierre-en-Chastres and its ruins of an ancient monastery

The Beaux-Monts with its belvedere overlooking the breakthrough of the Beaux-Monts

The Mont-Berny near Pierrefonds which houses Gallo-Roman remains

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See remarkable trees

Do you know that the oldest tree in the forest de Compiègne is a yew over 900 years old in Saint-Pierre-en-Chastres? But the most majestic remains the Saint-Jean oak, approximately 750 years old. This 2,50 m diameter sessile oak near Saint-Jean-aux-Bois is one of the oldest forest trees in France. Near the "Beaux-Monts" viewpoint in Compiègne, you can admire a sessile oak 42 meters high, around 400 years old.

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Musical forest baths

Let yourself be seduced by the sylvotherapy called Shinrin-yoku in Japanese. This meditative practice born in Japan in the 1980s advocates walks in the woods to promote both physical and mental well-being. Take advantage of the Forest Festival in June to experiment with this practice coupled with musical listening breaks in the forest. THE musical forest baths which establish an intimate contact with nature and live music offer a fabulous parenthesis of well-being.

 Fun with family or tribe

Are you looking for leisure activities to share with your tribe? Opt for a tree climbing course suitable for all levels or an orienteering circuit to promote team cohesion.

Climb in the trees


In the heart of the forest de Compiègne, very close to the Etangs de Saint-Pierre, there are tree climbing trails suspended on hundred-year-old trees. The acrobatic park Climb the tree offers a recreational site with 13 courses suitable for all ages and levels. You will find a "children's" course accessible from 4 years old, a "discovery" circuit to overcome the fear of heights and a "confirmed" extension for thrill seekers.


Observe and orient


Are you looking for a fun and stimulating activity to test your sense of direction and your team spirit? With its two hectares of greenery adorned with tall trees, the bayser park in Compiègne has a permanent orientation course available at three levels. Nestled in an enchanting natural setting, this free course offers an exciting challenge to share with family or friends.


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 Spend and surpass

Are you looking for sports activities to expend energy and test your endurance? The forest de Compiègne offers an ideal green setting for runners and mountain bikers.


Run 10 km on the course of the heart


Are you a runner looking for new challenges? The journey of the heart on the alley of the Beaux Monts offers an enchanting setting between the forest and the castle de Compiègne ! With a distance of 10 km round trip, this course allows you to surpass yourself physically in an exceptional environment. So, ready to take up the challenge?


Escape for a day on a mountain bike


With a distance of 77 km and an altitude difference of 800 meters, the cycle circuit " The Imperial Forest de Compiègne » is aimed at sporty cyclists! This 6-hour bike ride travels through the history of France from the train station de Compiègne. From the Armistice clearing to the Pierrefonds fortress, you pass through the Confrécourt quarry and the medieval castle of Coeuvres-et-Valsery. On the way back, the bravest will climb the Beaux-Monts by a picturesque road before reaching Compiègne.


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Where to rent a bike or mountain bike?

In Compiègne, you can rent a VTC or mountain bike for the day at:

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