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Family weekend

Discover the treasures of nature in autumn

Immerse yourself in the heart of the magic of autumn in Compiègne-Pierrefonds during a family weekend. From the splendor of the fall colors along the cycle path to the discovery of the treasures of the forest, take inspiration from our suggestions for a joyful experience. Explore a historic castle, taste delicious cuisine and experience unforgettable family adventures surrounded by nature.



To start this first day, go to one of our bike rental companies de Compiègne. For children, you will find the right equipment with bicycles for all ages, but also bicycle seats and trailers for the youngest at Picardy Green Forests. If you want to rent a classic or electric bike for adults, go to the Veteix store.

Saturday morning

 By bike, take the Compiègne-Pierrefonds cycle path via the village of Vieux-Moulin to join the ponds of Saint-Pierre. In this season, the leaves of the trees are adorned with warm, shimmering hues, creating a dazzling visual spectacle along the route.

You will also be seduced by the flamboyant reflections of the trees in the calm waters of the ponds of Saint-Pierre, creating a magical and soothing atmosphere. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of fall, while enjoying the fresh, invigorating air of the national forest.

Take a well-deserved break in the picnic area of ​​the ponds of Saint-Pierre. A sheltered space allows you to have a peaceful lunch, even in bad weather. It is the ideal place to share an outdoor meal while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding nature not far from swans, dragonflies and moorhens.

Saturday afternoon

Are you looking for a family friendly activity? Enjoy the bowling alley located nearby. Don't forget to bring your set of plastic boules for a game of outdoor pétanque.

 If you prefer a unique sensory experience, follow the 5 senses route on foot located around the ponds of Saint-Pierre. This educational trail will allow you to explore nature in more depth, using your senses to fully connect with your surroundings. This walk will be an opportunity to observe the footprints of forest animals, learn to identify tree leaves and why not create a herbarium upon returning home. Fall is the perfect season to collect natural treasures such as acorns and chestnuts that litter the forest floor. This harvest offers the opportunity to indulge in creative craft activities at home by creating charming little characters inspired by the season.

Finally, for those who wish to extend their adventure, you can opt for a getaway to the picturesque village of Vieux-Moulin. By turning right towards Mont Saint-Mard, you will discover enchanting landscapes and an authentic atmosphere that will transport you to the charm of the Compiègne-Pierrefonds destination.

 For a snack, continue your escapade to Pierrefonds where you can enjoy a succulent waffle at the Lake Cottage or let yourself be tempted by a delicious crepe at Triskell.

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Where to sleep ?

For your family weekend, consider booking campsite accommodation in Pierrefonds or a gîte in Compiègne.





On Sunday, you will have the choice between several alternatives depending on your accommodation, whether in Compiègne or Pierrefonds.

Sunday morning

Start your day exploring the history and grandeur of castles, whether Castle of de Compiègne or Pierrefonds Castle. You will have the opportunity to take part in captivating guided tours or freely discover their rich collections. Immerse yourself in the elegance of historic architecture or discover the secrets of the famous people who have walked these places.

 For lunch, you have several options to choose from. In Compiègne you can enjoy delicious cuisine at the restaurant The Sopranos or to The Parisian Brasserie, or opt for a more relaxed atmosphere at the Crêperie Madame. On the Pierrefonds side, Le Chalet du Lac or restaurant of the Hotel Beaudon will delight your taste buds.


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Pierrefonds Castle

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Pierrefonds Castle

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Castle of de Compiègne

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Castle of de Compiègne

Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon promises entertaining activities for all tastes. In Compiègne, take your children to the Educational farm of the Grandes Écuries du Roi where they can enjoy a pony ride and discover the fascinating world of farm animals. If you're looking for a more immersive experience, you can embark on a thrilling escape game at Les Secrets de Pierrefonds Museum.

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Otherwise, opt for a creative alternative during a walk in the forest. How about creating beautiful works of land art with family in the heart of the surrounding nature? Whatever your choice, this diverse day promises unforgettable memories to share with your family.

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