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A family winter

Faced with the cool temperatures, we don't let ourselves be discouraged and we take advantage of the moments shared with the family! An opportunity for grandparents, parents and children to come together!

Cherish the family moments


And if we started by discovering the village? Let's start the day by warming up our bodies by walking in the small streets of our village. To guide you, a map of the village accompanied by documentation " Discovering the town center of Pierrefonds », a guide that will allow you to discover the smallest architectural details, not to be missed! And of course, you can't come to Pierrefonds without going through its magnificent castle. A place where boys can be knights and girls, beautiful princesses... And vice versa! A short cultural break for children and parents.



Did you know that in the heart of Pierrefonds is the enchanting Merlin? Seeking excalibur to aid him in his quest for the Grail, Merlin seeks all the help he can get. Go on an adventure in the streets of Pierrefonds and discover the village under a whole new aspect with the Escape Game - The Grail Investigation.

Sharing, laughter and reflection will be there, so don't hesitate!

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Resonance Films & Digital - Guillaume Each
ResonanceFilms - Guillaume Each

A little taste of the history of the Château de Pierrefonds!

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Francois Pecheux

To discover the collections of the Château de Pierrefonds, it's here!

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An activity suitable for the whole family, which will please young and old alike? We have ! Relaxation, relaxation, fun with a little touch of sport will be there during beautiful horseback riding in our destination.


Choice #1

For this, management Autrêches, a small village in the Lisières de l'Oise in which the equestrian center and educational farm is located Equi'link. Offering horseback riding throughout the year, these are accompanied by quizzes and pledges to make this moment unforgettable. A little something extra, this center regularly combines horse riding with other activities... Music, dance and plastic arts! Making this experience all the more original and unique. So be sure to check out their schedule.

Choice #2

Another equestrian center accompanies you during rides, but this time it's in Compiègne! Discover theHenson experience in the forest de Compiègne. These horses, robust and docile, will lead you through the small paths of one of the most beautiful national forests in France. A two-hour, three-hour or even day trip, you will share a very friendly family moment!


Do not panic, if your stay does not go as planned, other options are available to you! Rich not only by its heritage but also by its various programs, our destination offers folds: initiatory and creative workshops, to occupy the youngest as well as the oldest. For that, go to our calendar!

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Xavier Renoux - Oise Tourism
Resonance Films - Guillaume Each
Resonance Films - Guillaume Each
Xavier Renoux - Oise Tourism

After so much effort, you have to know how to rest and enjoy a little moment of serenity. For that, nothing better than a good break in one of the many restaurants of our destination. The hardest thing will be to choose !

Resonance Films - Guillaume Each
Resonance Films - Guillaume Each

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