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7 ideas for free activities in Compiègne-Pierrefonds

To entertain you without spending money, here are some ideas for free activities that will lighten your vacation budget. Between nature walks, sports activities and cultural visits, explore the destination without putting your hand to the wallet!

#1. Take a walk in the Allée des Beaux-Monts

Departing from the castle park de Compiègne, follow the magnificent 5-kilometre Allée des Beaux-Monts. This huge breakthrough in the middle of the woods was born in 1811. It was created by Napoleon 1st for his young wife Marie-Louise. The latter wanted to give it the same perspective as that of his summer palace in Schönbrunn near Vienna. The driveway ends in a mound surmounted by a belvedere which provides a spectacular view of the forest and the castle in the background.


#2. Relax at the Etangs de Saint-Pierre

Located at Vieux-Moulin northeast of the forest de Compiègne, the Etangs de Saint-Pierre form a set of three ponds along the Eugénie road. The site remains a major reception point of the forest de Compiègne with parking facilities. New facilities allow you to take advantage of a covered kiosk equipped with picnic furniture and a bowling alley nearby. An interpretation trail through the forest, punctuated by sensory stations, offers walkers an experiential approach to the forest in all seasons.

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Ponds of Saint-Pierre
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Alley of the Beaux-Monts
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Ponds of Saint-Pierre
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Alley of the Beaux-Monts

#3. Follow an orienteering course at Bayser Park

In the heart of the city de Compiègne, let yourself be tempted by an orientation course in Bayser Park. The site, which extends over two hectares dotted with tall trees, provides an ideal playground for combining sporting discipline and map reading. Designed and installed by the City de Compiègne, this permanent course distinguishes three levels: green, blue and red. THE maps are available for download and at the reception of the town hall de Compiègne.

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#4. Discover the village of Saint-Jean-aux-Bois

This small village nestled in the heart of the forest between Compiègne and Pierrefonds offers a romantic getaway to discover on sunny days. The arrival through the fortified gate and its drawbridge is not lacking in charm. Behind the remains of the ramparts of Saint-Jean-aux-Bois there is an ancient abbey once surrounded by large fortifications. Stroll along the picturesque streets with low houses and colorful shutters. A plaque on the village inn “La Bonne Idée” reminds us that Bruno Carrara would have written the famous melody of the “amants de Saint-Jean” there.

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#5. Stroll through the gardens de Compiègne

Located close to the city center de Compiègne, discover the ramparts garden. This small confidential garden brings a moment of freshness in summer. Plant labyrinths cut in boxwood will delight children. A stone's throw from the Vivenel museum, the Songeons Park also invites you to relax with its magnificent view of the Oise. This island of greenery in the city center houses the remains of the cloister of the former Jacobin convent. Let yourself be enchanted by the delicate scents of its Garden of Scents.


#6. Take a trip to Pierrefonds Lake

In the 19th century, when Pierrefonds was developing around the romantic ruins of the castle, the photographer and painter Louis-Joseph Deflubé had a lake dug, fed by the Bern stream. He discovers during the work of the sources of thermal waters present in the ground. Pierrefonds quickly becomes Pierrefonds les Bains ! If the era of hydrotherapy is now over, the lake of Pierrefonds with its 500 meters long remains a site of choice for a family outing with a view of the medieval castle.


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#7. Visit a museum on the first Sunday of the month

Every first Sunday of the month, the castle de Compiègne and its various museums are free to visit. This is also the case of city ​​museums de Compiègne. Explore the rich art and archeology collections of the Antoine Vivenel Museum located on the ground floor of the Town Hall. Before entering, take a good look at its sumptuous Flamboyant Gothic facade. Every hour, the Picantins (three automatons above the clock) come alive to ring the bells of the belfry.

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