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A cycling weekend with the Ile-de-France breakaway

The sun is more and more present, and gently warms our beautiful destination. The return of spring, rays of sunshine and the song of birds invite us to escape out of time.

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let's wander in the forest

Handlebars in hand, shoes adapted to the foot, let yourself be guided by the Ile-de-France breakaway through an application, along an unusual route. All you have to do is pedal... and enjoy in the heart of the green forest de Compiègne !


Discover the forest de Compiègne

Both magical and rural, you will cross our national forest and discover the richness of its cultural heritage, including Pierrefonds and its imposing castle, the village of Saint-Jean-aux-Bois and its abbey in the heart of the forest, as well as the charming Autumn Valley.

Arrival at the end of the day in the imperial city de Compiègne, the Ile-de-France breakaway offers you a first night to gain strength in a hotel or guesthouse.

 DAY 1

The first stage takes place through the forest, where you will discover the beauty of the landscapes of our destination. After a pleasant passage by the greenway which runs along the Oise then the Aisne, you will reach the small summit of the Beaux-Monts. Overlooking the alley of the same name - 5 kilometers long - it offers a splendid view of the forest as well as the imperial castle de Compiègne.

Then, through the woods, you will reach the village of Saint-Jean-aux-Bois which will reveal its many attractions to you: its old abbey, its fortified gate, its drawbridge, and the famous oak of Saint-Jean, a remarkable tree. 800 years old.

The day ends in Pierrefonds, a former spa town, where you will have plenty of time to enjoy its famous medieval-style castle, restored by Viollet-le-Duc, the shops around the central square or a walk along the lake.

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 DAY 2

After a short passage on the new greenway in the direction of the Aisne, direction the valley of Autumn, land of origin of the Valois. Its poetic name is not the only asset: bell towers, castles, mansions, abbeys, Gallo-Roman ruins and villages enchant its landscape.

Return to Compiègne along the rural cycle paths of the west of the forest.


A world by bike - Oise Tourisme

Want to go longer?


This other stay offered by the Ile-de-France breakaway, in a pleasant bed and breakfast located on the edge of the Canal de l'Ourcq.



 DAY 1

During this day, you will discover the southern part of the magnificent forest of Retz. Hunting ground for the kings of France, this forest also provided firewood and construction wood to the city of Paris, via the Ourcq. Behind the high forests of oaks and beeches hide the ruins of Abbeys. You will start by following the Canal de l'Ourcq then gradually go up towards the forest of Retz. In the middle of the forest, you will cross the charming village of Oigny-en-Valois adorned with its old houses. You will end the day in the charming village of Longpont, welcomed by the impressive ruins of the old abbey.

 DAY 2

This day will take place around the northern part of the Retz forest. Between traditional villages and high forests, the route alternates between bucolic country roads and shady forest tracks. The highlight of the day will be at the highest point of the Retz forest, at the top of the Mangin tower where you will overlook the entire forest massif and the surrounding area. You will end the day in the beautiful village of Pierrefonds.

 DAY 3

This day will immerse you in the intimacy of the forest de Compiègne, one of the largest forests in France. You will discover the richness of its flora as well as the wide variety of its historical, cultural and landscape heritage: village of Saint-Jean-aux-Bois, site of the Beaux-Monts and imperial city de Compiègne to conclude your journey.

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